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Effectiveness of a yoga based intervention package on behavior problems among grade eight school children in Jaffna district, Sri Lanka. -

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Date of Registration

23 Jan 2018

The date of last modification

Jan 24, 2018

Application Summary

Scientific Title of Trial

Effectiveness of a yoga based intervention package on behavior problems among grade eight school children in Jaffna district, Sri Lanka.

Public Title of Trial

Student behavior intervention study

Disease of Health Condition(s) Studied

Student behavior change with yoga based intervention

Scientific Acronym


Public Acronym


Brief title

The effectiveness of yoga based intervention on the behavior of grade 8 school children

Universal Trail Number

U 1111 - 1205 - 0415

Any other number(s) assigned to the trial and issuing authority

P/127/08/2017 (ERC: Kelaniya)

Trial Details

What is the research question being addressed?

Is yoga-based intervention effective in changing the behavior of grade 8 school children?

Type of study


Study design


Non-randomized controlled trial


Masking not used


Standard therapy





Intervention(s) planned

Study settings: Class 1AB, 1C, Class 11 Government schools in the Jaffna district, Sri Lanka.

This is a Quasi experimental study. Out of 5 education zones in Jaffna, 2 will be selected (non random) for trial and 2 will be selected as control zones. Within the zones selection of schools will be population proportion to size by random number allocation online software applied to the online list of schools by Northern education ministry. Trial is not randomised, but sample (schools) is randomly selected. Interventions:

  1. Breathing control exercises: Pranayama exercises using the techniques of deep breathing (7 steps) and alternate nostril breathing (11 steps)
  2. Sun salutation yoga exercises: Suryanamaskaram with 8 yoga postures (asanas) in 12 step cycles. A total of 3 cycles.
  3. Mindfulness meditation: guided mindfulness meditation in 22 steps

The intervention will be carried out in the first 15 minutes during the keep fit time from Monday to Thursday each week for 2 terms (24 weeks).

The intervention will be delivered by certified YOGA instructors for the first 2 weeks, and by student leaders under the supervision of the class teacher/physical education teacher for a total of 24 weeks.

Inclusion criteria

  1. Grade 8 Government school children in Jaffna district
  2. Should be able to read and write in the Tamil language

Exclusion criteria

  1. Diagnosed mentally subnormal children

Primary outcome(s)

Improvement in student behavior as determined by 1. Strength and difficulty questionnaire (SDQ) student form 2. SDQ teacher form 3. SDQ parent form

Primary outcome(s) - Time of assessment(s)

At baseline and 24 weeks after the commencement of the intervention.

Secondary outcome

Improvement in school subject marks

Secondary outcome(s) - Time of assessment(s)

Improvement in school subject marks

Target number/sample size

1500 (750 in each arm)

Countries of recruitment

Sri Lanka

Anticipated start date


Anticipated end date


Recruitment status


State of ethics review approval

Approved by Ethics Review Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya on 15th September 2017(Ref. No: P/217/08/2017) under the title "Behavior problems among grade eight school children in Jaffna district: Prevalence, correlates and the effecti

Funding source

None (Investigator funded)

Contact & Sponsor Information

Contact person for Scientific Queries/Principal Investigator

Dr J.T. Sivashankar
Registrar, Community Medicine
Dept. Community Medicine, University of Jaffna under the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
tel: 0212218178
Mob: 0771547590
Fax: 0212222073

Contact Person for Public Queries

Dr Rajendra Surenthirakumaran,
Consultant Community Physician and Senior Lecturer
Dept. Community and Family Medicine, University of Jaffna, Aadiyapatham Road Kokuvil, Jaffna Sri Lanka
Mob: 0777448080

Primary study sponsor/organization

Dept. Community and Family Medicine, University of Jaffna

Aadiyapatham Road Kokuvil, Jaffna Sri Lanka
Tel: 0212218178
Fax: 0212222073

Secondary study sponsor (If any)