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Oral hypoglycaemic and anti-inflammatory activity of P.ostreatus and P.cystidiosus on diabetic subjects, who are on diet control SLCTR/2013/021
Effect of Nifedipine slow release preparation in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea SLCTR/2013/020
Effectiveness of 5-IU oxytocin bolus and 20 IU infusion compared to 5-IU oxytocin bolus and placebo infusion in the control of blood loss during and after ante-partum lower segment caesarean section. SLCTR/2013/019
Effectiveness of an educational and technical skill development intervention on improving menstrual hygiene among adolescent school girls in the district of Kalutara SLCTR/2013/018
Effects of leg and foot exercises on ulcer healing in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus SLCTR/2013/017
The effects of epidural magnesium on perioperative treatment in patients undergoing thoracic surgery SLCTR/2013/016
A controlled cross over trial to evaluate the hypoglycaemic effect of water extract of dried flowers of Aegle marmelos (Bael fruit) in diabetic patients SLCTR/2013/015
Effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and interferential therapy (IFT) on myofascial pain syndrome patients with myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius and influence of pain catastrophysing on treatment response. SLCTR/2013/014
Randomized, double blind, comparative study on efficacy and safety of itraconazole pulse therapy and terbinafine pulse therapy in the treatment of non-dermatophyte onychomycosis SLCTR/2013/013
Randomized controlled trial on the safety of using laryngeal mask airway (LMA), compared to endotracheal tube (ETT) for myringoplasty and mastoid surgery taking less than one and half hours in adults SLCTR/2013/012

- Protocol changed - Trial completed - Progress reports not updated - Retrospective trial - Duplicate registration