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Trial Title Registration Number Flag
The effects of two different doses of vaginal nitric oxide donor iso sorbide mononitrate used for pre induction cervical ripening on the mother and the fetus SLCTR/2007/009
Clinical Randomization of an Antifibrinolytic agent in Significant Haemorrhage SLCTR/2007/008
Folate status in two groups of pregnant and non-pregnant/ non-lactating women in Sri Lanka SLCTR/2007/007
Nutrition intervention in Sri Lanka; assess the efficacy and interactions of micronutrients in the thriposha supplement SLCTR/2007/006
Study on infusion rate of snake antivenom therapy SLCTR/2007/005
Efficacy of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) on thrombocytopaenia in dengue fever SLCTR/2007/004
Screening brain targeted novel transcranial drug delivery in human volunteers SLCTR/2007/003
Prospective double blind randomized placebo controlled trial on the efficacy of metformin in the treatment of NASH SLCTR/2007/002
Prospective randomised controlled trial on the efficacy of propranolol on the progression of small varices /no varices in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Treatment with propranolol versus no treatment SLCTR/2007/001

- Protocol changed - Trial completed - Progress reports not updated - Retrospective trial - Duplicate registration