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Randomized, double blind, comparative study on efficacy and safety of itraconazole pulse therapy and terbinafine pulse therapy in the treatment of non-dermatophyte onychomycosis


Randomized controlled trial on the safety of using laryngeal mask airway (LMA), compared to endotracheal tube (ETT) for myringoplasty and mastoid surgery taking less than one and half hours in adults


Effectiveness of a school based intervention to enable school children to act as change agents in promoting healthy lifestyles among mothers: a cluster randomized controlled trial


Effectiveness of intensive lifestyle modification program aimed at weight reduction of obese females conducted in a primary care setting in Ragama


Effectiveness of life skills training for adolescents: a community based quasi experimental study


Developing social skills, communication skills and self confidence through dance, drama and yoga in patients with long term mental illness at NIMH, Angoda


Randomized controlled trial to determine the efficacy and safety of a novel method of laparoscopic entry using free flow of saline


A randomized, double blind, controlled clinical trial of S-Amlodipine versus conventional Amlodipine, to compare the incidence of leg edema and antihypertensive efficacy in patients with hypertension


Controlled trial on effect of Carica papaya leaf extract on patients with Dengue Fever


A study to assess the impact of “Stop-Start technique” on sexual satisfaction in persons affected by premature ejaculation


- Protocol changed - Trial completed - Progress reports not updated - Retrospective trial - Duplicate registration