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Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Polypill Implementation Strategy in South Asia: A Pilot Randomized Trial


A Randomized Controlled Trial of effects of a meditation-based psychotherapeutic intervention (online-based) on perceived health related quality of life and psychological distress in Sinhala-conversant non-renal replacement therapy patients diagnosed with stages IV and V chronic kidney disease


Assessment of the prevalence and characterization of osteoarthritis in Kandy four Gravets and Gangawata Korale in the Kandy district and to assess the outcome of Genicular artery embolization in grade 3 and 4 knee osteoarthritis


Quality of life in children with molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH) in permanent anterior teeth treated with infiltrative resins: a quasi experimental study.


Effectiveness of a behavior change intervention package on health literacy of behavioural risk factors of non-communicable diseases among health care assistants of government hospitals in Colombo district: Cluster randomized controlled trial


Study to determine the effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility of thermotherapy with radio frequency – induced heat therapy (RFHT) by ThermoMed device for the local/intra lesional treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in selected routine clinic settings Sri Lanka.


A Phase 2b/3, Multi-part, Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Atacicept in Subjects with IgA Nephropathy (IgAN)


Sensitivity in teeth affected by molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) in Mexican children: a clinical controlled trial


Effects of nurse-based counselling through WhatsApp, among type 2 diabetes patients at a tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka: a randomized controlled study.


Ferrous ascorbate versus ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate in women with iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy: a multi-centre randomized controlled trial


- Protocol changed - Trial completed - Progress reports not updated - Retrospective trial - Duplicate registration